Environmental Policy

​Here you can find the Environmental Objectives & Policy of LBH International A/S.

Based on LBH’s product range and production, LBH will improve environmental performance. In so doing, LBH will often exceed legal requirements and other relevant requirements. Compliance with relevant legislation is a significant factor in LBH's activities.

Working systematically with damage reducing initiatives and environmental and health issues. Corrective actions will be planned and implemented continuously.

The natural environment must be protected. This is achieved by seeking to reduce or avoid the environmental impact of LBH's production processes and products through goal directed initiatives:

  • Protecting human life and health against damaging effects resulting from LBH's production processes and products.
  • Continuously improving LBH's environmental performance, particularly in terms of the stipulated significant environmental effects of our products and production processes.
  • LBH will continuously make the greatest possible use of environmental friendly clean technology, based on an overall assessment of finance and environmental improvements.
  • Developing new, cleaner products on the basis of evaluations of both production processes and products, based on assessments of the total product lifecycle.

The management has a specific responsibility ensuring that the technical standard of equipment is satisfactory, such that it functions safely in terms of the working environment, and so that waste from the production is minimized as much as possible.



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