Quality Policy

Here you can find the Quality Objectives & Policy of LBH International A/S.

The purpose of having a quality objective and policy is;
  • To stipulate the level of quality, which LBH’s products and services must attain.
  • To indicate the principles and procedures which need to be followed, in order to provide, accomplish and maintain a quality control that achieves the quality objective.

This way we can ensure, that the company’s products meets the demands of quality conscious markets, and gains a reputation which gives a high degree of customer satisfaction in both short and long term.

Further, the policy ensures that the quality objective is achieved with an optimum resource consumption, through a well balanced mix of preventive and monitoring quality assurance activities.
Objective and policy

LBH’s quality objectives are as follows:
  • To develop, manufacture and market products of satisfactory quality with lowest cost for defined markets and customer groups.
  • To gain a reputation as a dynamic, orderly and reliable business partner.
  • That the company continuously improves the quality management system's effectiveness.


Satisfactory quality is defined as:

A high degree of satisfaction among the customers. This is ensured by attention to the following:
  • Reliability.
  • Delivery.
  • Services and advice before and after the order.
  • Design.
  • Mounting kindness.
  • Use of tried and tested raw materials.
  • Services impression. Environmental and safety.
  • Well documented assembly instructions.
  • The products comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Product life under normal use amounts to 4-8 years.

Lowest possible cost is defined as:

The costs required to maintain the chosen quality level, and thereby ensuring optimal cost and efficiency for the user. No plant shut downs.


LBH International A/S provides fabric, elastomere and metal expansion joints in all shapes and sizes, according to customer and end user demands and requests.
Our expansion joints are in service all over the world – somewhere on a power plant, a cement plant or an oil rig our red and white logo is peering out. And for us to be a success we want this to be synonymous with a service-oriented, quality and on time partner that assures products and services of the highest level.
We strive to be a premium supplier 

Kohaven 9
DK-5300 Kerteminde

Tel. Int.: +45 65 32 46 11
Fax Int.: + 45 65 32 45 11
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