Metal Expansion Joints

LBH Metal Expansion Joints covers any application where Fabric and Elastomere Expansion Joints are not suitable, mainly due to pressure conditions. As for all LBH products the focus is on superior quality and special design solutions. The Metal Expansion Joints are designed according to either EN14917, EN13445 or EJMA.

Standard designs are Axial-, Lateral-, Angular- and Universal Expansion Joints, in materials of stainless steel or titanium.
  • The circular designs come in standard sizes from a 50 mm diameter up to 5000 mm diameter.
  • Pressure range from -1 to 250 Bar depending on diameter.
  • The rectangular designs are manufactured with rounded, single or double miter corners.
The expansion joints are manufactured as single or multiply bellows and can be combined into double expansion joints (Universal). The joints can be fitted with tie rods, hinges and other accessories if required.

Customised designs include pressure balanced expansion joints as well as a complete range of penetration for boiler tube outlet service.

Design calculations are carried out according to counting standards and can be documented by optional testing procedures.

LBH International A/S provides fabric, elastomere and metal expansion joints in all shapes and sizes, according to customer and end user demands and requests.
Our expansion joints are in service all over the world – somewhere on a power plant, a cement plant or an oil rig our red and white logo is peering out. And for us to be a success we want this to be synonymous with a service-oriented, quality and on time partner that assures products and services of the highest level.
We strive to be a premium supplier 

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